chiron is an organ-on-chip company developing cutting-edge technologies that mimic human joints, like the knee, to establish treatment for diseases such as osteoarthritis.

Our impact

Together with academia and pharmaceutical partners we

Create more effective treatments
Execute quicker drug development
Reduce animal testing
Improve patient well-being

Scientific Research

“chiron's cartilage-on-chip system is a great, easy-to-handle 3Rs tool to evaluate osteoarthritic cartilage tissue remodeling in a relevant manner”

Prof. Magali Cucchiarini
Saarland University Medical Center

“chiron's cartilage-on-chip system is a revolutionary tool to deep dive into the complexity of the molecular mechanisms underlying osteoarthritis”

Sonia Nasi
Principal Investigator, CHUV Hospital Switzerland

“Since the 3Rs of Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement were proposed by Russel and Birch back in 1959, there have been huge advances and innovations in the area of organ-on-chip technology. chiron's cartilage-on-chip system is a timely and revolutionary tool that allows researchers to biomimetically model the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in articular chondrocytes in the context of osteoarthritis. This advances our scientific understanding of the disease and offers new tools for screening drugs and natural compounds. Implementation of chiron’s cartilage-on-chip system in our research allows us to add an additional and crucially important R; Responsibility.”

Prof. Ali Mobasheri
former OARSI President, University of Oulu

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